"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Mrs. Lisa's Penguins

Mrs. Lisa's 2.5-3 year old class is such a fun environment to be in. Her kids are learning about routines and the importance of following directions. She spends the year teaching them what it means to have a good attitude and the respect we should use when we talk to our teachers and our friends. In addition to these life essential skills, Mrs. Lisa's class spends the year working on their ABC's, counting, colors and shapes. 

Ms. Jen's Guppies

Ms. Jennifer focuses her teaching on helping to prepare the children in her class for learning in higher levels. Her 3 year olds spend a great amount of time learning about table-time skills and manners. They practice sharing, taking turns and helping friends, along-side learning all about their shapes, colors, letters and numbers. Ms. Jen loves doing fun crafts in her classroom and incorporates them into her daily lessons each week. 

Miss Mallorie's Calories

As you can tell by the name of this class, Miss Mallorie and her kids love to have fun. She wanted her classroom name to rhyme with her own, so Calories they became. Each child in her class gets the opportunity to draw their own favorite food and it hangs on the door to their classroom. 

This classroom is made up of older 3 year olds and 4 yr olds. Miss Mallorie really works to focus on making learning fun. Her class is currently spending some of their time learning to spell and write their names. They also work on perfecting their shapes, colors, numbers, letters, site words and other things that will help them to prepare for Kindergarten. In addition, each day they have free play, gross motor and story time. 

Ms. Karen's Blue Stars

Ms. Karen's class is a bit different that the others here at CCDS. Ms. Karen has been with the school for the past 23 years and throughout that time, she has spent so much time forming a well oiled machine of her Pre-K classroom. Her goal is for each of her kids to graduate and leave ready and prepared for Kindergarten. Her class does most of their day separate from the other class to really create a Kindergarten mindset. She likes to keep a routine and each child is given a daily responsibility. Her classroom is always busy with play, crafts and learning!